These unsuspected mistakes that damage eyebrows.

The importance of having beautiful eyebrows is well known. Most women have a well-established routine for achieving a perfect line. But beware, some things can cost your eyes!

Who doesn't dream of having perfect eyebrows? We all know that eyebrows are of paramount importance in the harmony of a face. Nevertheless, having a beautiful, full and homogeneous line can sometimes be a real headache. Epilation seems to be our best ally to get rid of unsightly little hairs. However, without being aware of it, certain reflexes are actually big mistakes that can alter the quality of the eyebrows. And of course, that's all we don't want. To be sure of a beautiful, healthy line, you have to remove certain actions from your routine. But which ones? L'Atelier du Sourcil tells you everything!

Do not consider the shape of your face

It's something you don't really think about when you pick up your tweezers. And yet, it is the very first step to successful eyebrow plucking. It is essential to take into account the shape and size of your eyes. In addition, the shape of the face should not be overlooked.

Round faces will look best with arched eyebrows because a high arch will elongate the features. On the contrary, straight eyebrows are the best friends of a long face. A rounded line is preferred to balance a heart-shaped or diamond-shaped face. To counterbalance a square jawline, a well arched arch, almost like a circumflex accent, should be used. Finally, oval faces will favour a slight curve, particularly flattering.

Using a magnifying mirror

It may seem surprising but the magnifying mirror can be misleading. Of course, it is very useful when cleaning the eyebrow by removing only a few small hairs. On the other hand, it should be avoided if you really want to shape your arch. The magnifying effect does not allow you to have an overall view of the eyebrows and the quantity of hair removed. It is preferable to perform the waxing in front of a mirror allowing you to see both eyebrows.

Opt for waxing

Waxing allows you to get rid of unsightly hair quickly. This method is ideal for body areas. However, it is not really recommended for eyebrows. Waxing is effective but less thorough. In particular, it tends to give a rounded shape to the arch. Depending on the shape of your face, this is therefore not recommended, not to mention that it can make you look older. We advise you to our Stylbrow+tweezers with brush to achieve a defined and tamed line.

Plucking the top of your eyebrows

Tweezing the top of the eyebrow line is very delicate, especially at the arch. It is this point that determines the shape of the eyebrow, so it needs to be well placed. The risk is to distort it by plucking a little too much. This tends to lower the arch instead of raising it, and consequently makes the face look sadder.

Depilate too frequently

A hair here, a hair there... To get perfect eyebrows, the temptation to pluck the slightest bit of growth is great. But in our quest for perfection, we often overdo it. As a result, the result is far from what you had hoped for. Overdoing it is not a good thing, on the contrary. They will tend to grow back badly and become even more untamed than before. So let them breathe a little!

The best solution is to leave your eyebrows in the hands of a professional. L'Atelier du Sourcil offers several services, including restructuring and monthly waxing to maintain a beautiful line.

Moisturising with the wrong products

As part of your daily routine or just after waxing, it is important to moisturise your skin. When applying a moisturising or soothing cream, there is a tendency to put it absolutely everywhere on your face, especially on your eyebrows. While this is good for the skin, it is not good for everything! Cosmetic products tend to inhibit hair growth and even suffocate it. This can even lead to hair loss! After depilation, you can opt for a soothing lotion. For the rest of the time, we prefer a special revitalizing treatment to make them stronger, denser and shinier. We recommend our Revitabrow® Advanced revitalising treatment by Revitalash Cosmetics. Developed by a doctor, it gives new life to the eyebrows by nourishing them in depth. They will then be even more beautiful.