It's possible to enhance your eyebrows without make-up!

The make-up of eyebrows is not the only technique that allows to sublimate your look. Other methods have also made their proven such as the make-up permanent make-up or or the brow-lift. The simple fact of take care of his eyebrows will have already a impact direct impact on your look. In Indeedthe eyebrows well maintained harmonize the features of your face and participate to its radiance the face and contribute to its overall radiance.

The new trend of the moment: the Brow-lift 

The brow-lift is a very fashionable technique these days. Its objective is to make the eyebrows thicker and more thicker and more voluminous, while at the same time reshaping them if necessary. The technique used can be compared to eyebrow enhancement where the hair is reworked to give it the desired shape. We can even dye the eyebrows if necessary.

The Brow-lift is suitable for all women regardless of their eyebrow colour. It offers a nice alternative to permanent make-up and is particularly suitable for older women who have sagging skin that tends to give a "droopy eyelid" effect. However, this technique is not ideal for women who have sparse eyebrows. This method is rather interesting for people who have a good eyebrow base and who wish to give them a particular movement.

A brow-lift must be done in an institute. The session lasts about 45 minutes. Several lotions should be applied to the eyebrows so that they can be worked on more easily. The session always ends with a nourishing treatment. The effect of the brow lift usually lasts for a few weeks. It is therefore an interesting alternative for women who are reluctant to undergo permanent make-up.


Microblading: the permanent make-up solution for your eyebrows 

The microblading is also a practical alternative to eyebrow make-up. This permanent make-up technique is perfect for restructuring and redesigning sparse eyebrows. This method consists of redrawing each eyebrow hair by hair for a 100% natural look.

A microblading session lasts approximately one hour. A second touch-up session is then necessary one month later. Permanent make-up of the microblading type can last for several months. This technique is therefore a perfect solution for women who do not wish to use make-up every morning to rework their eyebrows. 


Successful hair removal for beautiful eyebrows 

What if, in order to to have beautiful eyebrowsWhat if all you had to do to have beautiful eyebrows was to take care of them? Hair removal, care, serums... There are many ways to make your eyebrows look good.


Opting for the right eyebrow line for your face shape 

Once the length of your eyebrows is determined, you can restructure your eyebrows and enhance your look by playing with certain effects: accentuated, more arched, rounded eyebrows, etc. Here are some tips depending on the shape of your face:

  • Square face: thick and long eyebrows are preferred. 
  • Triangle face (wide forehead/small chin): preferably adopt rounded and arched eyebrows. 
  • Rounded face: choose thick, arched eyebrows. 
  • Oval face: any style will do, you're spoilt for choice! 

When plucking your eyebrows, it is recommended to use tweezers. Make sure to respect as much as possible the natural line of your eyebrows of your eyebrows and to redraw them in a symmetrical way.


Treatments and serums to boost the growth of your eyebrows 

Many cosmetic brands offer serums and nourishing treatments for your eyebrows, such as our revitabrow eyebrow treatment. This helps to activate their growth for fuller, more manageable brows. Most of these products contain castor oil and pro-vitamins like biotin and panthenol. Using them is often very simple. Simply apply the serum to your cleansed eyebrows with your fingers or a brush. The results of this beauty routine are visible in about 4 weeks.